When I decided to learn to start nude modeling I had no idea where to start. I didn’t go to any modeling classes or attend any modeling academy. All of the photos and videos I have shown on my website have been done over many years, some in other countries. The first consideration I made was what are the different types of nude modeling and what type would I be able to do?

The Types of Nude Modeling

The first part about nude modeling I learnt was that there are many types of modeling, and the types mean different things to people and can sometimes depend what country you’re shooting in. Generally speaking there are various types of nude modeling you will come across. All of the types of nude modeling can be done within themes – Artistic, Fashion, Glamour, Fetish separately, or a mixture of some or all.

You will find quite a few websites where photographers will list the types of modeling so that models have an understanding when they work with them what they define the terms to mean. In this article, I am talking about the types of modeling from my own experiences and what it means to me. This will explain the terms I use when I am working with photographers, models and videographers.

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Topless Nude

The term is so easy to describe, yet it can be easily misunderstood. So when I am working with a photographer who I have never worked with before I may use photos as a reference. Since I have many examples of topless nudes in my portfolio, it is easier for photographers to gauge what I believe topless nude is. I could be asked to do topless nude photography for example for a glamour photo shoot if I am wearing a bikini or lingerie. In artistic nude photography I may do topless photography whilst being partially dressed or having a costume or piece of material covering part of me, similar to being semi-nude.

Implied Nude

This is where I would be completely naked but when I am photographed my breasts and genitalia are covered by clothing, material, props or my arms, hands, legs or through positioning my body (ie back to the camera). Quite often I am fully naked in front of the camera but the photographer can take the photo from the viewpoint where the resulting image does not show all of my naked body. Although I am photographed with partial nudity I would usually be fully naked when moving from one pose to the next.

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Full Nude

When I am photographed in this way I am fully nude and everything can be shown. There are no poses or devices used to hide parts of my body. There can be clothing worn to start with, but as the photo shoot progresses I remove clothing gradually or start completely nude

Erotic Nude

I am completely nude for this type of photography, but I am more expressive with my emotions and the way I move would be more sensual.

The most challenging type of nude modeling in my experience is of course erotic nude. This is because although the ideal situation is for the photographer to shoot as it is happening, sometimes that is not possible when I am trying to portray a certain expression or perfecting the right pose for the shot. This means I may need to hold a position for a period of time or repeat a series of movements. With artistic nude photography particularly, I think about expressing an emotion not just with my face, but with my whole body.

By no means does this imply that my expression or emotion is "unrealistic" or "acted". It is very important to maintain the feeling in your movements, otherwise the overall composition will not work. This is why erotic artistic nude is so difficult to execute successfully.

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