In 2009 we started to develop an anime character based on many popular Japanese themes. A trip to Japan in 2011 for two months from late March to early May was an awesome yet educational experience in relation to the incredible amount of movies, manga and merchandise. One of my favourite places in Osaka was to visit Den Den Town, the centre of all things Otaku. Many have asked me where to now for the Cyber Angel?

Cyber Angel Interview

Over the many years attending Anime, Comic and Sci-Fi Conventions, we have had people ask questions about the construction and development of the Cyber Angel costume. The Cyber Angel was feratured on the front page of MX Newspaper Melbourne as a promotion for Armageddon 2011.


 copyright © MX Magazine Melbourne

  What made you come up with the idea of the Cyber Angel? Is it a cosplay from another Anime?

The Cyber Angel is a unique character. Obviously there has been many Manga and Anime with female characters who have themes of angels with wings, cyber, cyber-punk and steampunk. One of my most favourite anime is "Howl's Moving Castle" Directed by Hayao Miyazaki. I just love the concept of a magical world set in an alternate history with themes of steampunk.

 Usually cosplayers create and build costumes based on existing characters. Why did you appear at Anime and Comic Conventions as just a single character?

For us to approach an artist with a concept of a strong character for a story, we needed to test the market. Also we needed to see if we could build the costume. The costume everyone has seen at the Comic Conventions is the prototype. As we attended each convention, we improved the look and functionality of the suit and wings. It has been a very difficult process.

Eventually there will be a second lighter version to replace the aluminium with carbon fibre.

 Do you intend to create a Comic/Manga with the character?

Yes. We have several main characters, as well as suppporting characters and a basic outline of the story. Since attending the conventions we have had alot of interest from artists who would like to work with us.


 copyright © Samael Sabre

 What is the costume made from?

The frame for the wings are made from aluminium, and the wings are made from perspex. Both Samael and I designed the suit as it was being build as we are both artists. We had alot to do with the construction and building of the frame and the wings. We had to make sure the wings were the right proportion and weight for my body.

The outfit takes over an hour to assemble and put on, and it weighs around 18 kilograms. There is ten metres of LED strip lighting used on the wings and inside the clear tubing. The longest amount of time I can wear the whole suit with the wings is 2 hours, if there is limited movement. A performance dance usually will last for a maximum of 5 minutes.


 copyright © Dark Matter Fanzine

 Who was involved with the building of the Cyber Angel?

Samael and myself designed the entire costume and also assisted with the actual building of the suit. There were 4 businesses directly involved with the construction of the Cyber Angel prototype: Gahn Fabrications, Alian Electronics, Plastics for Industry and CK Lighting. The boots are the original creation of JP RIshea of Bionic Concepts bought through Artifice Clothing.

 What will you be doing with the Cyber Angel now?

People who know me well know that I always work on several projects at once. Currently we are working on my Art Photo Book and Documentary, but at the same time we are developing the story for the Cyber Angel.

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