Nerdzilla is an ABC radio show about comics, gadgets, sci-fi, cartoons, IT and gaming. It is hosted by Joel Rheinberger and Andrew Hogan and is part of ABC TV. Nerdzilla first started in December of 2010, with it's final episode 43 for November 2012. The Cyber Angel appeared in podcast episode 35 aired in March 2012. Nerdzilla appeared at Armageddon 2011 Melbourne Australia to interview Celebrity Guests and cover the event highlights.

Cyber Angel Nerdzilla Interview

Armageddon Expo is a science fiction and comics convention held in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The event is a mixture of gaming, anime, sci-fi, fantasy, comics, music and stalls.

Whilst I was there appearing as the Cyber Angel, a promotion for Armageddon 2011, Nerdzilla asked me about my outfit and my motivation and ideas behind the costume.

NERDZILLA: Where is the Cyber Angel From?

SHIN KOU SABRE: It's an original character.

NERDZILLA: It's a huge impressive costume. What's the wingspan here?

SHIN KOU SABRE: It's 2.5 metres in width and when the wings are on me, it's 2.5 metres high.

Cyber Angel - Nerdzilla Interview 2011

 copyright © Samael Sabre

NERRDZILLA: It's just incredible, and the hair - it's almost like dredlocks with blue neon.

SHIN KOU SABRE: They're actually cyberlocks. They're used alot in steampunk, or the underground sort-of rave parties.

NERDZILLA: What are the wings made from?

SHIN KOU SABRE: The wings are made out of perspex. There's two wings. There's a blue coloured perspex as the rear wing, and then the clear perspex for the smaller wing.

NERDZILLA: There's light going around the back of you like tubes of lights streaming out behind you.

SHIN KOU SABRE: They're LEDs. So that's all LED strip lighting.

Cyber Angel - Nerdzilla Interview 2011

 copyright © Samael Sabre

NERDZILLA: Most people are paying homage to their favourite character. You've made your own favourite character. Why would you go to make something so new, rather than doing something known?

SHIN KOU SABRE: Mainly because I wanted, well we wanted to create a character that was unique, that no-one had ever seen, probably has seen bits and pieces in Anime but just, something that was new and that people would just go 'Wow' when they saw it.

NERDZILLA: Have you paraded this costume in Japan?

SHIN KOU SABRE: Not Yet. This is the first time you've seen it. We have shown it at Manifest but the costume wasn't, the costume wasn't quite there, and each time we've gone to a new Con, we're showing a little bit more 'layers' - just finishing touches.

NERDZILLA: So it's now complete though?

SHIN KOU SABRE: No we're probably about 80% there.

NERDZILLA: What?! You've got boot with cogs, you've got lights, you've got metal things around your arms and a silver outfit. What else are you going to do? Now the sword, you don't have a sword yet. What's it going to look like?

SHIN KOU SABRE: It's going to be epic. Just like the rest of the suit. Because the suit is so awesome I think the sword has to be something special as well.

NERDZILLA: Are you going to do one of those massive oversized swords, or something a bit more flowing and feminine?

SHIN KOU SABRE: We haven't decided yet. We'll see how it fits with the overall design, and then we'll go from there.

Cyber Angel - Nerdzilla Interview 2011

 copyright © Samael Sabre

NERDZILLA: Can I please suggest you get something that is curved and beautiful, rather than something massive. I think curved, a curved sword with some elegance is a much more female thing.

SHIN KOU SABRE: Possibly yes, I'll keep that in mind. When we're in design stages, I'll think of you and your helpful advice.

NERDZILLA: And I'll take my percentage thank you very much.


NERDZILLA: Thanks for talking with us.

SHIN KOU SABRE: No problem.


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