Shin Kou Sabre is featured in Shiest Millini's recent music video "Hit The Killswitch" as part of his album "God Forgives Doeboys Don't" with DJ Woogie. Shiest Millini is a hip hop artist at Gotham Gang records, featured on over 1000 mixtapes since 2001.

The Making of the Music Video for "Hit The Kill Switch"

I was first contacted by Shiest Millini through the internet. He was impressed by my videos on YouTube. He directed me to his YouTube channel where he had some of his music videos. I really liked his style and was especially impressed by his music "Magazines" on a YouTube clip promoting his front page feature on the cover of Mafia Magazine. I noticed Shiest was involved with everything on his music channel, including the production of his own videos. That's why I decided to work with him.

Most of the work on the music video is by Shiest Millini himself. I didn't really know the whole idea behind the video, except he requested that I make it "vampire themed". I wanted to make my look sexy, but modern and edgy. I was given the opportunity to decide on the location, clothing, hair and makeup. I chose a plain background and decided to focus more on the outfit and styling rather than the location. It turned out really well, once it was all put together.


The making of the footage for the music video was more difficult than I thought, especially since I had not made any film productions to do with music before. Shiest Millini sent the music track to me so that I knew what I was working with. It is also very difficult to use vampire teeth without making it look awkward. I had to play the music track over and over to get a feel for the visuals required and there were many outtakes.


I would love to film more footage for a music video. I'm especially Interested in independent musicians and composers. I listen to a wide variety of music, which depends on what mood I'm in. I use music as the inspiration behind the way I produce my films. Music as well as art is very important to me.

If there were another song I could choose from Shiest Millini, I would have loved to do something with some of the songs on his album "Doe Or Die Vol. 4"


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